Massage ofCEO

The best investment one can make is in his future goal a setting and planning are not enough. Good intention must be put into action without any hesitation. Both individual and group base work that will ultimately lead to the future development of the own Business and common people those who around within involved.

From the very beginning of his professional life he dreamed how to be a successful Business Man and will work upon Auto Electric and Air conditioning System with a independent name and fame. What so ever is around AUTO AC BD and make it as Branding pride.

He is an Automobile Diploma and devoted his recent past year for developing automobile sector. He is also, an Automobile expert and always thing upon it, how to be done something special and more deferent.

In the year of 2006 starting with an Automobile Repairing workshop in Uttara Model town, sector 12, Dhaka.

Meanwhile to maximize customer care and to development the Business he brought together highly qualified and trained professionals address the needs of the clients.

As a service provider it is important that we are able to quickly adapt to unexpected challenge when they arise.

In developing this Business plan, He have set out the priorities that will assist the strengthening the role of AUTO AC BD.

Have a god day and may Allah bleach all of us.

Massage of CEO

Massage of CEO

Massage of Advisor and HOB

Massage of Advisor and HOB

Massage ofAdvisor and HOB

AUTO AC BD an established name in the Air conditioning sense here in Bangladesh was formed in 2006. Being one of the pioneers of the trade AUTO AC BD dedicated to maintain the best of the standards and provide you with the utmost customer satisfaction. One and only modern outlet setup for offer our customer to get the more access to all AUTO AC BD’s procured products/spare and Service across the mega city, especially in North zone Uttara Dhaka. We also have a number of clients out of Dhaka city even. What so ever the case may be pls be aware from the ordinary work shop or even about the fake products/spare parts.

We value that extensive mass experience in positive dealing with the Customers demands and fulfilling their expectation. We are Procuring, stocking and delivery of our vast range of Auto ac spares and products from the world leading suppliers with advanced automotive technology. Strong reparation in restoration with Customer satisfaction and trust worth related Service to all about care would be maintained herein after.

We ensure, excellent challenging credible and rewarding dependable work environment.

Eventually, we are really proud to say in the starting of the year 2020, AUTO AC BD also have started ON LINE Servicing of all type of Electrical and Auto air conditioning system repairing, remedies and solutions across Dhaka mega city. Open offers are made available for Contractual, corporate and individuals who needed are invited for attractive package. We admit Home service; a smart mobile team is ready free 24 / 7 supports for home service. You can reach our team at any time, day or night. Within warranty period if you are not satisfied, simply come to us within 30 days.

We wish to thank for the trust you have placed on us and we assure you that the trust is well placed indeed. We have been constantly making efforts to provide you the best service to fulfill your requirement.

Thanking you sir

Mr Abdul JabbarAuto Electric Foreman

AUTO AC BD always chosen the best for its own professionalism in trade. Mr Abdul Jabbar is one of them who having the ample trade knowledge and sound potentiality on auto electric long carrier. After complete graduation he joined in MT department of Bangladesh Biman. As a foreman he devoted his past 23 years carrier on Auto AC & electric in Biman with sincere hard working. Mean while, by laterally Auto AC BD become a household name in greater Uttara Sector, Dhaka last 14 years. By the time, it has expended it activities in to deferent sector in order to ensure excellence in service the customers. With strong support of dedicated management team AUTO AC BD made its dream come true. In the year of 2006 AUTO AC BD have started to provide the service of Auto Electric and Air conditioning system. The main trust of AUTO AC BD comes from its strong reparation and trustworthiness among the list of our valued customers. We proudly announce the ON LINE home service from starting of this year 2020.

We would like to thank for supporting us by the trust you have placed on us. We assure for our best constantly making efforts to provide you the best service and wishing you the very best.

Mr Abdul Jabbar Auto Electric Foreman

Mr Abdul Jabbar Auto Electric Foreman