The Business plane set out our vision.

Our statutory role is to diver a wide range of Auto Electric and Air conditioning system Service that allows the optimize professional exercise on the relevant field.

Our Vision to maximize AUTO AC BD,s growth and management efficiency throughout the country with foresight, expertise, planning and action as well as to be an industry leader in profession of Auto electric, Air conditioning system and its supporting genuine spare part. Its dynamic professionals not only offer solutions to its clients needs but also are working towards upholding the social norms Bangladesh culture.

our Vision

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission..


Our mission is to offer and provide world class solutions about Auto electric and Air conditioning system. Contribute something special in relevant field by creating value, together with a vision for the future.


People focused: - We value and promote positive relationships internally and externally and are responsive to the needs of our users in taking care to get things right.

Trustworthy: - We act with integrity, honesty, impartiality and openness in exercising our statutory functions and to maintain confidence in us as a Service provider.

Professional: - We deliver on our commitments by applying high levels of expertise, conduct and personal responsibility, developing our skill base and seeking to earn a good reputation with users.

Innovative: - We actively embrace change, adopting new technology where possible and bringing new ideas to deliver excellent, value of money services for our customer.

Associates:- To motivate our associates to achieve excellence and take pride in their professionalism.

Society:- To fulfill our social, economical and environmental responsibilities and contribute to the regions progress.

our values

Our values