AUTO AC BDIntroduction



It is our pleasure to give you a detailed introduction of Auto AC BD and through this to carry out our statutory function of supporting the all about to maximize Auto AC BD’s growth and management efficiency throughout the country with foresight, expertise, planning and action.

This plan sets out how we will fulfill both our target and customer positive compliances..

Our aim is simple, we are service provider based on delivering genuine spare parts/products, innovative solution and service with advanced automotive technology which are considered to be the most up to date technique for Auto Electric and Air conditioning system all over country. Let’s have a look back about vehicle Air Conditioning system. Vehicle Air Conditioning will tend to lose the refrigerant over period of time through joints between components. Where still evaporating with lower future levels most serious problems can occur, Such as air and moisture entering the system causing corrosion, bacteria and even component failure.

We can service your Air Conditioning system ensuring that air and moisture is evaporated and the gas of future levels are maintained, optimizing performance that improving fuel consumption.

Air Conditioning system is a very complex and the major components can be costly. The most common failures go due to lack of servicing. But If your Air Conditioning system is serviced properly and regularly that will saving significant money both of repair and fuel as well as enhance the components life longevity. Our Auto Ac BD’s Technical expertise will explain that the results are, following a diagnosis and often a recharge of gas is all that required ensuring a cool, relaxed environment to you to enjoy. Any work undertaken is guaranteed including replaced components. As a part of the service an anti-bacterial treatments cleans the system and prevents it from returning for up to 12 months. Most repairs can be carried out in a day. So that, don’t waste your time we are awaiting for your call. Pls Contact our reception for more details about Auto electric and Air conditioning system as well as AUTO AC BD .